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Lobkowicz Palace | A royal symphony of history and culture

The Lobkowicz Palace is a hidden gem in the heart of Prague Castle, offering stunning panoramic views of the city. This palace, full of historical grandeur and cultural richness, invites you to a royal rendezvous and promises a memorable experience! Read on to find everything you need to know for planning a visit to this elegant palace inside Prague Castle.

Why visit the Lobkowicz Palace?

Interior view of the Lobkowicz Palace
  • Concerts in Royal Halls: Experience the magic of a live concert in the palace's elegant halls. The acoustics, coupled with the regal surroundings, create an unforgettable auditory experience.
  • Panoramic Views: Climb the terrace for a breathtaking panoramic view of Prague. Marvel at the city's architecture while relishing a moment of serenity in the midst of history.
  • Rich History: The Lobkowicz family, one of the oldest Bohemian noble families, has called this palace home for centuries. Delve into their captivating history as you wander through opulent chambers.
  • Rooftop Café: Take a break at the café overlooking Prague and savor delicious Czech cuisine and international fare.

What to do at the Lobkowicz Palace?

Historic Halls at the Lobkowicz Palace

Historic Halls

Step into the grandeur of Lobkowicz's halls, each echoing with tales of noble gatherings. Admire the opulence that once hosted kings and queens, a testament to timeless elegance.

Historical Artwork at the Lobkowicz Palace

Historical Artwork

Get ready to be wowed by an impressive collection of historical artworks. Don't miss the captivating frescoes on the walls – each one is like a storybook from the past, waiting to be explored.

Café Lobkowicz at the Lobkowicz Palace

Café Lobkowicz

Sip your coffee with a side of panoramic splendor. The palace’s café offers a captivating blend of caffeine and castle views—a picturesque pitstop for every visitor.

17th-Century Baroque Concert Hall at the Lobkowicz Palace

17th-Century Baroque Concert Hall

Step into the Baroque Concert Hall, a true masterpiece. Marvel at the grandeur of 17th-century frescoed ceilings – a shining example of timeless architectural brilliance. The hall is not merely a venue but a voyage through the artistic corridors of history.

Musical Bliss in the Concert Hall at the Lobkowicz Palace

Musical Bliss in the Concert Hall

Indulge your senses in a mesmerizing musical journey featuring works by 19th-century Czech maestros like Dvořák and Janáček. Feel the notes resonate within the historic walls, adding a symphonic touch to your Lobkowicz experience.

Plan your visit to the Lobkowicz Palace

Food & Drinks
Lobkowicz Palace Timings

General timings: 10 AM - 6 PM everyday 

Concert timings: 1 PM

Concert duration: 1 hour

Best time to visit: Consider visiting during the weekdays to avoid large crowds and have a more intimate experience.

Lobkowicz Palace Location

Address: Jiřská 3, 119 00 Prague 1-Hradčany, Czechia

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Getting There

Facilities at Lobkowicz Palace
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Restaurant & Cafe
  • First come, first serve seating in the concert hall
Lobkowicz Palace Tips
  • Book tickets in advance: It's always a good idea to book your tickets online in advance to secure your spot.
  • Concert etiquette: If attending a concert, please silence your devices and savor the cultural symphony in peace.
  • Photography guidelines: Photography using tripods or flash is prohibited.
  • Rules for children: Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Seating: Seating is first-come, first-served, so feel free to choose your preferred spot.
Food & Drinks at Palace
  • Lobkowicz Palace Cafe: Nestled within the place, this cafe offers breathtaking views of Prague. Treat yourself to their delectable pastries while savoring the grandeur of the surroundings.
  • U Zlaté Studně (700 m): It is a Michelin-starred restaurant renowned for its refined gourmet offerings. Their menu promises an exquisite culinary experience with a fusion of Czech and international flavors.
  • Café Kaficko (1 km): Visit Café Kaficko for a quick bite or a refreshing beverage. This enchanting café features a variety of sandwiches, salads, and freshly brewed drinks. 
  • Na Karlově Restaurant (5 km): Indulge in the rich tapestry of traditional Czech cuisine at Na Karlově Restaurant. Don't forget to try the savory goulash and the succulent roasted pork knuckle.
Vitus Cathedral near Lobkowiscz Palace
  • St. Vitus Cathedral: Marvel at the Gothic grandeur of this iconic cathedral within the castle complex.
  • Golden Lane: Wander through this charming lane of colorful houses, each with its own unique history.
  • Prague Castle Gardens: Take a stroll in these beautifully landscaped gardens offering stunning views of the city.
  • Prague River Cruise: Delight in a picturesque boat excursion along the enchanting Vltava River, meandering through the storied city of Prague.
  • Strahov Monastery: Delve into history at the Strahov Library and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the monastery.

Frequently asked questions about Lobkowicz Palace tickets

How much is a ticket to the Lobkowicz Palace?

The starting price of Lobkowicz Palace tickets is €20.

How to book Lobkowicz Palace tickets?

Booking Lobkowicz Palace tickets is a breeze! You can book Lobkowicz Palace tickets online or purchase them at the venue. We recommend online booking as it is more convenient and saves time.

Why should I book Lobkowicz Palace tickets online?
  • Booking Lobkowicz Palace tickets online offers many advantages such as:
    - Guaranteed Entry: You can secure your spot in advance even during peak times.
    - Free Cancellation: You can cancel your tickets up to 24 hours before the visit and get a full refund.
    - Customer Service: You'll also get access to 24/7 assistance and support before and during your visit.
Do Lobkowicz Palace tickets allow entry into the St. Vitus Cathedral?

No, Lobkowicz Palace tickets do not include entry to the St. Vitus Cathedral. You'll need a separate Prague Castle ticket for that.

Do Lobkowicz Palace tickets allow entry into the St. George Basilica?

No, Lobkowicz Palace tickets do not include entry to the St. George Basilica. You'll need a separate Prague Castle ticket for that.

What is the cancellation policy for Lobkowicz Palace tickets?

Lobkowicz Palace tickets booked online typically come with a flexible cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel them 24 hours before the visit and get a full refund.

What are the opening hours of Lobkowicz Palace?

Lobkowicz Palace opens its doors from 10 AM - 6 PM, ensuring ample time for you to soak in its splendor.

What is the duration of a concert at Lobkowicz Palace?

Concerts at Lobkowicz Palace typically last around one hour, offering a delightful musical interlude during your visit.