Prague Castle Gardens: Royal Gardens, Southern Gardens & More

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Prague Castle’s serried columns of turrets, towers, and palaces, which looms above the Vltava's left bank like a fairy-tale stronghold, dominate the city center. Within its gates is a diverse and intriguing collection of ancient buildings, museums, and galleries, all of which house some of Czechia's most influential creative and cultural treasures. The castle has traditionally served as the official residence of the Czech monarchs and has been the seat of the Czech monarchy. Prince Boivoj constructed a fortified settlement here in the 9th century. In 1989, the public was allowed access to Prague Castle. The castle now serves as the Czech President's residence and is the country's most important historical monument. 

Why Visit Prague Castle Gardens?

Prague Castle Gardens
  • The Prague Castle Gardens are split into two halves, with the smaller serving as a utility area and the larger serving as a beautiful area. Franz Maximilian Kaka developed the latter at the same time as the castle.
  • The Singing Fountain, one of Renaissance Europe's most beautiful fountains, is one of the Prague Castle Gardens’ most fabulous treasures.
  • The southern gardens runs length of the southern facade of Prague Castle providing a stunning view of the Lesser Town, Old Town, and Petn.
  • Established in 1954, the current layout of the garden is based on a 19th-century English version.

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Prague Castle Gardens

Unlike most other castle gardens in Europe, Prague Castle Gardens stand by itself as a tourist attraction. Several parts of the garden have fans worldwide, like the St. Wenceslas vineyard,  Villa Richter, and the Empire Greenhouse. Stag Moat, Orangery, and Horticulture Gardens are also immensely popular among visitors.

Prague Castle Royal Gardens

Prague Castle Royal Gardens

Habsburg Ferdinand, I ordered the construction of the Royal Garden. He eventually acquired old vineyards outside the valley of the Brusnice stream from the owners and had a Renaissance garden built there. It soon became famed for its rare botanical species and exotic plants acquired from far-flung lands. The Ball Game Hall, the Royal Summer Palace, and the Lion Court were among the buildings in the Royal Gardens that provided entertainment for the nobles.

Prague Castle Southern Gardens

Prague Castle Southern Gardens

The South Gardens are almost 500 meters long, and during the summer tourist season, visitors can access them via the Bull Staircase from the Third Courtyard or Opyš near the eastern gate. Paradise Garden, Garden on the Ramparts, and Hartig Garden are the three smaller gardens that make up the South Gardens. The smallest of the gardens on the southern side of the Castle, the Hartig Garden with a Music Pavilion, joined them in the 1960s.

Prague Castle Gardens Riding School

Terrace Of The Riding School

On the old open Summer Riding School site, the terrace on the roof of the Office of the President's garages and vehicle workshops was created between 1950 and 1956. The terrace has a great view of Prague Castle's northern fortifications along with other historical buildings like St. Vitus Cathedral. It has been used as an exhibition venue since the mid-20th century and is currently utilized for concerts and other community festivals on occasion.

Prague Garden Of Bastion

Garden Of Bastion

The Garden on the Bastion is located on the western flank of Prague Castle. In the twentieth century, its current modern design, inspired by Italian and Japanese gardens, was created by Slovenian architect Josip Plenik. The garden's name refers to an older medieval bastion on Prague Castle's northwestern flank. The Powder Bridge, located over the Upper Stag Mote and past the northern wing of Prague Castle, leads to this garden.

Prague Castle Gardens

Hartig Garden

Currently closed for public, this garden was designed by Adolf Bens and Richard Podzemny in 1965. Along with a Music Pavilion, it was joined to the Garden on the Ramparts in the mid-twentieth century.

Prague Castle Gardens Deer Moat

Stag Moat

It is a natural ravine in the Prague Castle complex that was used for the breeding of deer in the 17th century. Open for the public in the summer season, the Upper & Lower Moat is connected by a tunnel designed by J. Pleskot.

Prague Castle Gardens Stairs

St. Wenceslas vineyard and Villa Richter

The area is mostly located rocky headland above the Old Castle Stairs between the Deer Moat and Klárov. According to legends, it is the oldest vineyard in Bohemia and it was opened to the public in 2008.

Prague Castle Gardens Empire Greenhouse

Empire Greenhouse

Built around 1820s, its structure resembled Germany's chateau Zwinger, thus being also referred to as the Zwinger. It is located towards the northern side of the Royal Garden, right next to the Renaissance wall.

Prague Castle Garden Greenhouse


It is the youngest structure in the Royal Garden that was designed by Eva Jiřičná in 1999. The ninety meters long tubular glass and stainless steel structure is a greenhouse that is used for budding, nurturing and the vegetation of plants.

Prague Castle Garden Horticultural Gardens

Horticultural Gardens

Located on the Prague Castle's northern edge, the products of the four hectare area of the garden are sent to the Office of the President for use. The greenhouses in the garden is also used to supply the flower decorations during state visits.

Other Prague Castle Highlights

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral built in the Prague Castle compounds, serving as a spiritual symbol of the Czech state housing some of the most important treasures of the Prague Castle.

Prague Castle Golden Lane

Golden Lane

The picturesque Golden Lane was created with the building of a new northern wall of the Prague Castle. The land outside the wall was then used to construct simple dwellings with modest cottages.

Prague Castle Royal Palace

Old Royal Palace

Until the 16th century, the palace's Vladislav Hall has operated as an administrative center of Prague Castle and was used as the seat of Bohemian princes and kings. These days it is used for ceremonial events.

Prague Castle Gardens St George Basilica

St. George’s Basilica

It is the second church to be built within the Prague Castle complex. In 920 CE, Prince Vratislav I placed the foundation stone for the church with subsequent renovations being done in the Romanesque style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prague Castle Gardens

Q. How many gardens are there in the Prague Castle?

A. There are over 10 beautifully decorated gardens in the Prague Castle complex.

Q. What are the names of the Prague Castle Gardens?

A. There are over 10 gardens in the Prague Castle complex. Some of them are- Prague Castle Royal Gardens, Prague Castle Southern Gardens, Terrace Of The Riding School, Garden Of Bastion, and so on.

Q. Does my Prague Castle tickets provide access to Prague Castle Gardens?

A. Yes, your Prague Castle tickets will provide access to Prague Castle Gardens.

Q. How to visit the Prague Castle Gardens?

A. The Prague Castle Gardens can be visited free of cost by getting to the Prague Castle. You can buy the Prague Castle tickets online to get access to the gardens.

Q. Is Prague Castle tickets available online?

A. Yes, Prague Castle tickets are available online.

Q. What are the timings for Prague Castle Gardens?

A. The Prague Castle Gardens is open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. Please check the Prague Castle timings for more information.

Q. When was the Prague Castle Gardens founded?

A. The Prague Castle Gardens have a rich historical background. The Prague Castle Royal Gardens was founded in 1534.

Q. When was the Prague Castle built?

A. The first stone of the gigantic castle was laid in 880 CE. 

Q. Who built the Prague Castle?

A. The construction of the Prague Castle began under prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid dynasty.

Q. Who currently resides at Prague Castle?

A. The Prague Castle is currently the home of the Czech President.

Q. Is the Prague Castle tour open now?

A. Yes, the Prague Castle tour is open now.

Q. Is it safe to go for Prague Castle tours post COVID-19?

A. Yes, it is safe to go for Prague Castle tours post COVID-19.

Q. Are guided tours available for Prague Castle?

A. Yes, guided tours are available for Prague Castle.