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Founded around 880, Prague Castle represents the architectural styles of the last millennium. The historic castle was once the former seat of the kings of Bohemia, and now it is used as the official residence Czech Republic president. The castle complex is also referred to as Hradčany, as it collectively includes palaces, churches, chapels, fortifications, offices, courtyards, and gardens.

Prague Castle Location

Getting To Prague Castle

Prague Castle Location Tram

By Tram

Tram Lines: 22 & 23

Nearest Station: Pražský hrad tram stop

The Tram services of Prague has one of the best well-laid-out networks that connects Prague Castle to the rest of the city. The tram line has numerous stoppage points near the castle complex like the Pražský hrad tram stop and Hradčany square. This proves to be really helpful for the visitors to enter the castle complex via the entrance of their preference.

Prague Castle Metro

By Metro

Metro Line: Line A (Green)

Nearest Metro Stop: Malostranská metro station

Metro Line A or Green Line connects Prague Castle to the rest of the city. If you are traveling by metro, you will need to get down at the Malostranská metro station and walk for about 500m to reach the castle complex by climbing the steps up to the Na Opyši gate. It is one of the fastest modes of transportation in the city.

Prague Castle Location Car

By Car

ETA From Airport: 22 min

Drop Off Point: Hradčanské square

Taxi services are quite prevalent in the city. If you are traveling via taxi, you will need to get off at the Hradčanské square or the Pražský hrad tram stop to enter the castle complex by passing through the security checkpoints. You can also use the city’s cab rental services and use the free and paid parking facilities at U Prašného mostu street. 

Parking space near the Prague Castle is limited, with the closest public car parking space being near the Pražský hrad tram stop. Although you can use the paid car parking facilities near the castle

Prague Castle Maps

Covering over 45 hectares, the Prague Castle complex is a vast area comprising of several historical palaces, offices, churches, fortifications, gardens and courtyards. With multiple bus and tram stops nearby for every corresponding entry and exit gate, finding your way through the castle complex can get overwhelming with the Prague Castle Map.

Prague Castle Entrances

  • 2nd Courtyard of Prague Castle - You can use this entrance to get to the Prague Castle compound if you take the tram 22 and get down at Pražský hrad.
  • Courtyard IV - Entering the castle compound using the Hradčany square Entrance via Courtyard I, can be an option if you reach the attraction by tram 22 and get down at Pohořelec.
  • Gate of Giants - You will have to climb the stairs up the Hradčanské square and enter the castle via Courtyard IV. You will find the Courtyard IV entrance nearby.
  • Na Opyši Gate - This entrance is preferable for those who are planning to reach Prague Castle by metro by getting down at Malostranská.
  • Royal Summer Palace Entrance - If you are traveling by tram 22 and get down at Královský letohrádek, you can reach the castle by entering through the garden.

All Your Questions About Prague Castle Location Answered

Q. What is the easiest way to get to Prague Castle?

A.  Prague Castle is located within the historic center of Prague and is connected to by a well laid-out network of public transportation systems. Most tourists prefer tram services to get to Prague Castle as there are multiple tram stops near the castle.

Q. Where is Prague Castle located?

A. The Prague Castle is located in Hradčany, 119 08 Prague 1, Czechia.

Q. How long does it take to drive to Prague Castle from the Prague airport?

A. Prague Castle is located about 12.2kms away from the airport. If you are taking a taxi or driving a car from the Prague airport to Prague Castle, it will take around 22 minutes.

Q. Which entrance should I use to enter Prague Castle?

A. There are 5 entrance gates to the Prague Castle complex, designed to make it easier for visitors to enter the attraction using different means of transport. Visitors are advised to plan their visit to the castle accordingly. You can also refer to the Prague Castle map page to get a better idea about the entrance points.

Q. Which gate should I use to visit the Golden Lane first?

A. The Na Opyši Gate is closest to the Golden Lane.

Q. How do I get access to the St. Vitus Cathedral?

A. Buy your Prague Castle tickets online to get access to all the major attractions in the Prague Castle complex including Golden Lane, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Prague Castle Gardens.

Q. When was Prague Castle built?

A. Prague Castle was founded around 880, following which there were numerous expansion and renovation works.

Q. Who built the Prague Castle?

A. Prague Castle was founded by Prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty. You can know more about Prague Castle on the history page. 

Q. When is Prague Castle closed?

A. Prague Castle is open throughout the year except on December 24. You can find more information about its opening hours on the Prague Castle timings page.

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